Workshop on oocyte vitrification with SafeSpeed ® closed system.

Ensuring equal or exceed the results of the top open systems currently marketed is our strong commitment to you. For this purpose, thanks to our collaboration with leading  Ginemed  clinic (Seville, Spain), we offer the possibility to train your embryologists in Safespeed ® Tecnique,  so that can they check the effectiveness by themselves. We can also move to your facilities in case that travelling is a concern for you. In case you are interested, please call to +34636211991 or email to



Workshop Objectives:
Main Objective:

The main goal of this workshop is to provide theoretical and practical
competence to perform the vitrification of human gametes and embryos successfully with
SafeSpeed ® technique. Once the training is complete, the embryologist will be able to implement the
technique in their own clinical practice with the best results from the first day.

Specific Goals:
  • Acquire the theoretical knowledge that allows one to develop the practical abilities necessary for the optimal vitrification of gametes and embryos with the SafeSpeed ® system.
  • Identify and familiarize oneself with the main variables which determine the survival of oocytes and embryos, to have them controlled, establishing a robust vitrification protocol to achieve reproducible results.
  • Identify the critical points in the process of vitrification and warming, and develop the abilities for their resolution.
  • Proficiency in the process of sample loading in the SafeSpeed device and sample recovery.
  • Acquire the technical and practical background necessary to be able to implement the SafeSpeed ® technique for the vitrification of human oocytes and embryos in your reference laboratory when the workshop is finalized.
  • Achieve a survival rate superior to 90% in the vitrification of oocytes with the closed system SafeSpeed ®.
Technical Specifications of the System.

The SafeSpeed ® device is formed by an ultra-fine polycarbonate capillary, where samples are
loaded by aspiration for their cryopreservation. The capillary is assembled into a plastic straw with a protective cover sleeve.
SafeSpeed ® has been designed under the philosophy of optimizing not only the cooling rates but
specially the warming rates, which is the most influential on the vitrification outcome (Mazur et al,2011.), and doing it all in a closed system.
The design of the device is based on the research by the group of Prof. Ramón Risco, using quartz
capillaries to develop the best combination of thickness, length and inner and outer diamenter ratio to achieve optimal vitrification rates.
The SafeSpeed ® device is hermetically sealed on both ends, capillary and straw, in order to assure
that the biological samples are never in direct contact with liquid nitrogen during vitrification and subsequent storage, avoiding any risk of contamination.
Above all, it is a simple and robust technique, easy to learn, making possible for the embryologist to obtain the benchmark results from the first day with this formative period of 8 hours.

Structure of the Workshops:

With the aim of achieving the best possible results, and, at the same time, interfering the least
possible with the daily activities of the participants, the workshops will last for 8 hours, between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

Friday Afternoon:

Theoretical Module. (90 minutes).

  1. Analysis of variables influencing the vitrification outcome. (15 minutes).
  2. Characteristics of the SafeSpeed ® system (15 minutes).
  3. Comprehensive reading of the protocol and doubts ask/answer session. (60 minutes).
Practical Module (150 minutes)
  1. Introduction and handling the materials and accessories of the SafeSpeed ® technique. (30 minutes)
  2. Focus on the critical parts of the protocol. (30 minutes)
  3. Practical vitrification sessions with non-viable oocytes. (2 series of 60 minutes each).
Saturday morning:
Practical Module. (240 minutes)
  1. Troubleshooting session.
  2. Practical vitrification sessions with non-viable oocytes. (3 series of 60 minutes each).
Materials Included:
  • SafeSpeed ® vitrification kit, with media and devices.
  • Extended protocol and notepad.
  • Aspiration system and connectors.
Composition of Workshop Groups:

Each workshop is limited to 6 participants, divided in groups of two, each with an assigned monitor.
In exceptional cases, up to 8 people are permitted in the workshops.
Upon requisition, formative workshops can be organized in IVF centers from another countries. Dates
will be adjusted depending on the necessary time for the organization of resources, travel plan, etc.

Languages availability:

Considering that workshops have been conceived to be universal, they can be imparted in Spanish
and/or English. However, it is possible to organize workshops in French, Italian, German, Chinese and Arabic, with the help of Languages Assistants from Ginemed Clínicas International Department.
In foreign countries, workshops are available only in English and Spanish.

Workshop Costs:

The cost of the workshop is 650 €, including all the material necessary, as well as a workshop group dinner on Friday.