Our Company

SafePreservation is a Biotech company focused on providing our customers the highest stardards in the cryopreservation of their biological material. Our leader product, the SafeSpeed ® technique, is a CLOSE SYSTEM for the vitrification of human oocytes, embryos and blastocysts, with cooling and warming rates even higher than any other open system. The system is totally safe, robust and extremely simple to use.

SafePreservation is a start-up company spin-off originated at Seville Engineering School, Spain, by Ph. D. Ramón Risco with the objective to apply the principles of physics and cryobiology to gamete and embryo cryopreservation. As a result of years of investigation, it got a prize as The Best Executive Project MBA EOI 2011. However, our best reward was still about to come.

In the early 2012, SafePreservation was born and our products were finally defined so that they were user-friendly, and they add value to the processes taking place in clinical laboratories and hospitals. SafePreservation was soon known in other countries and got in contact to important clinics all over the world where their products easily settled due to their high efficiency rates and cost savings.

Currently, SafePreservation is present in important clinics in Spain, USA and Colombia, where it has already settled, and continues making its way through different countries, introducing its advanced products and applying them successfully.