Mission and Vision

SafePreservation’s mission is to provide our costumers the highest stardards under the philosophy of the best optimization of the parameters of cryoprotectant concentration and the cooling/warming rates for the maximization of the recovery rates of biological materials.
We aim to be a world leader in cryopreservation of organs, bringing our customers the excellent solution, always with honesty and the highly human commitment of those who recognize the value of their social mission.


  • Proximity: Always keeping close to our customers, and conveying accessibility and confidence necessary conditions to develop a good professional relationship.

  • Innovation:  Constantly updating knowledge encouraging the creation of new ideas for a quality development with profitability criteria.

  • Excellence: Fulfilling our work in an assertive, efficient way, offering superior quality in advance to our costumers needs.

  • Teamwork: Working together with a same purpose. Our company is formed by people who add value to a common project, totally human in essence, encouraging a daily space of mutual enrichment.

  • Responsibility: From the freedom of those who have chosen their own mission, acting responsibly; completely aware of the scientific and social significance of our work.

  • Passion: Devoting ourselves to our commitment with hands, mind and heart, for a better present.