SafePreservation scientists have developed a new system that improves cryopreservation closed survival rates and fertility of gametes and embryos after the passage of the years compared to other closed systems. As compared to traditional semi-open straws, SafePreservation provides extra secure preservation of gametes, eliminating direct contact with liquid nitrogen that keeps -196, and eliminating the…


Vitrification Technique

The Vitrification process must initially prepare samples in special glazing medium and subsequently introduce in the support SafeSpeed Device between the 2nd and 3rd mark by the method of aspiration with the connector. Once satisfied that the sample is well placed in the holder, heat seal the fine capillary with SafeSealer accessory brand below 1.…


Warming Technique

For the warming process is necessary to prepare the SafeBox container with liquid nitrogen in a tank and water at 37 ° C in the other tank within 15 cm of the cryocane. Then you have to carefully slide the plastic cover up, to make sure the capillary is completely immersed in liquid nitrogen and…